Quality Management System and Service

AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 certified
CAGE: 6U725

Seattle Aero has designed its system and processes to meet the stringent quality expectations of our Japanese aerospace and defense customers with whom we have worked for over 40 years. Their requirements, combined with the critical nature of building 100% complete kits, have given us a strong focus on quality and detail that is unmatched in the industry.

Customized Inspection Levels

  • Document (traceability) check (and digital storage)
  • “Waterfront” Inspection (Documents, Count, Visual for Damage)
  • Dimensional (Sample or 100%)
  • Source Inspection
  • First Article Conformity
  • Functional (may be contracted out)

Vendor Management

  • Sourcing and Vendor Selection
  • Follow-Up and Expediting
  • First Lot Tracking
  • Quality Claim Resolution
  • Vendor Payments

Program Management

  • 100% Lot Traceability and Certification
  • Shipment Consolidation and Control
  • Export Licensing (for military applications)
  • Product Expiry Control
  • PMA Application

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