A Global Gateway

Represented through 13 offices in 9 countries, Seattle Aero is your Global Gateway to the Aerospace and Defense markets. With locations in South America, the Middle East, and both Southeast and East Asia, we serve customers ranging from OEMs and MRO facilities to allied military and governmental organizations.

Since 1971, Seattle Aero has worked exclusively with Jupitor Corporation to represent select U.S. manufacturers to the aerospace and defense industries and government agencies in Japan. Jupitor, with offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kobe, and a manufacturing facility in Futtsu, provides a field sales force that covers every major OEM, subcontractor and military procurement depot throughout the country and provides domestic Customs and logistics services, as well. Maintaining close relations with both procurement and engineering staff, it is able to introduce new products and suppliers for new production, maintenance and improvement programs for Japanese Air Force, Navy, Army, and space platforms, as well as commercial aircraft programs such as Boeing and Airbus.

Unique among the Japanese trading companies, Jupitor has in-house assembly and manufacturing capabilities and currently supports a number of Japanese Ministry of Defense projects and the Japanese Space Program. Jupitor employees also receive certified training from its U.S. suppliers, providing invaluable in-country repair and warranty services to the Japanese end-users. This high level of in-country service avoids the cost and delays of shipping parts back to the U.S. for evaluation and repair, making it more financially efficient for suppliers and customers alike.

Represented Companies

Located in Japan, Jupitor Corporation is a solution-providing trading company with a unique manufacturing capability that serves the Aerospace, Naval, Automotive, and Public Transportation industries. As a trading company, it markets high tech products from leading foreign manufacturers to Japanese customers. It also designs and manufactures specialized test equipment, computer based equipment and ground support equipment that meets the highest quality and capability standards for all the industries it serves. Jupitor also provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for simulators and other key systems for aircraft in Japan. Since its founding in 1948, Jupitor Corporation has grown to include three offices, three field service locations and a factory as well as two satellite corporations in the U.S.


Projects Unlimited is a certified small business with a state of the art 76,500 sq.ft. facility located in Dayton, OH. It has over 61 years of aerospace industry experience, specializing in military and aerospace electronic assemblies and custom electronic products. These products and facilities include circuit card assemblies, black box build, special conformal coatings, test equipment design and programming, program management, and an FAA certified repair facility.


Davis Aircraft Products Company has been a leading manufacturer of a diverse line of aerospace related hardware for over 55 years. Its products include aircraft tie downs, helicopter blade folds, ground support equipment, cargo restraints, aircraft seat belts, and double wall tubing. Davis has two facilities located in New York, totaling 50,000 sq. ft., and both are certified FAA repair stations.


Taylor Devices has been a worldwide leader for over 50 years in solving energy control challenges by designing and manufacturing shock absorbers, shock isolators and dampers of many sizes and types. Their designs have been applied to steel mills, buildings and bridges and serve the industrial, aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Taylor Devices, in North Tonawanda, NY, has the capabilities to design,manufacture and test the most complex and effective energy control solutions available today.


Linden Photonics, Inc. is located in Westford, MA and specializes in manufacturing rugged, robust optical fiber cables using new and novel jacket materials designed for deployment in harsh environments. Linden Photonics provides these custom fiber optic solutions to the aerospace, military, industrial, and telecom related fields while continually working to develop and innovate new fiber optic solutions for the DOD and leading edge companies.


Precision Sensors is located in Milford, CT and was founded over 50 years ago to design and manufacture electromechanical and solid state pressure, vacuum, liquid level, temperature, flow, and altitude/airspeed switches for commercial and military aerospace and the semiconductor process market. Precision Sensors delivers fundamental value in the form of cost effective, reliable, threshold detection and switching products for critical control, monitoring and alarm functions to protect people, expensive equipment and processes.


Located in Boston, MA and founded in 1955 as a supplier of electrical wiring harnesses, First Electronics Corp. specializes in the production of over-molded, extra-flexible, multi-conductor, EMI-shielded cable assemblies and harnesses, as well as electro-mechanical assemblies custom built for military and other heavy duty industrial applications. It excels in rapid prototyping engineered to meet customers’ specific design needs, as well as maintaining strict quality systems and calibration standards required by customers.


Located in Berlin, CT, ATP has been a leader in the torque field for over 20 years, with its wrenches and calibration units being used by the U.S. Military and in the aerospace, power generation, marine, industrial, automotive, and commercial sectors. It provides a full line of digitally controlled torqueing systems with tooling, specifications and units to fit tailored needs. It also provides a complete line of innovative precision calibration systems and torque measuring devices, as well as custom ergonomic tooling, fixtures and adapters.


Founded in 1989 and located in Monsey, NY, Shock Tech designs, manufactures and tests shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems for the most demanding environments including the aerospace, defense, industrial, transportation, and medical fields. The Shock Tech team is dedicated to providing its customers unparalleled service, innovative designs, short lead times, continuous technical support, and long term partnering.