Seattle Aero is a leading provider of aerospace parts and services from the sourcing of individual components to the provisioning and building of complex, integrated kits that support aircraft modification, production, and overhaul. We implement highly effective strategies to launch major programs in record time with a high level of quality, reliability, and cost competitiveness.

We are an independent advocate

Seattle Aero can be differentiated by its intense commitment as an independent advocate for its customers.

Our strong program management skills and global sourcing capabilities, together with the application of lean principles, a web-based product integration platform, and kits designed for end-use application, allow customers to significantly cut their acquisition and installation costs.

We follow proven processes that enable our customers to outsource non-core activities within their supply chains, thus allowing them to re-focus around core business values. These objectives are achieved through the expertise of Seattle Aero’s team members and their customer-centric model.

Company History

Seattle Aero was formed in 1971 to provide parts and logistics support to the Japanese aerospace industry, supplying parts for every Boeing, Bombardier and de Havilland aircraft and to all of the military fixed and rotor wing aircraft, missile and space programs in Japan. In addition, SAI provides procurement and logistics support to aerospace OEMs, overhaul facilities, airlines and government facilities in North and South America, Japan, Western Europe and into the Mid-East, providing a wide array of aerospace parts from standards to proprietary items.

Starting in 1998, Seattle Aero expanded its capabilities to focus on lean kitted solutions for aircraft modification, production, and overhaul applications. Seattle Aero has successfully delivered in excess of 2,500 major aircraft modification kits for Boeing, Airbus and business jets without missing a single scheduled installation.

Management Team

Seattle Aero’s international business and reputation for quality are maintained by a dynamic and experienced staff of professionals. This team is served and managed by accomplished individuals with a clear and seasoned understanding of the Aerospace and Defense markets.

Yasushi (Mike) Nakamiya
Mike Nakamiya was chosen to lead Seattle Aero as CEO in July 2017. He is responsible for both Seattle Aero’s Manufacturing Division and Trading Business Division. He obtained a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Graduate School of Kanazawa University in March 1979. He joined Jupitor Corporation, Tokyo Japan (parent company) in April 1979. He has experience in the role of President of Jupitor Corporation USA, Irvine California as well as General Manager of the Nagoya Branch of Jupitor Corporation.

Angela Nash
Joining Seattle Aero in 2009, Angie is responsible for the integrity of Seattle Aero’s financial systems, financial reporting, planning and analysis, cash management, budgeting, risk management and compliance. Angie is a member of SHRM and IMA and has over 14 years accounting experience, including 7 years in the electrical contracting industry.

Quality Assurance Manager
Harry Vogel 
Harry joined Seattle Aero in 2018, and is responsible for ensuring the quality of all Seattle Aero’s products via the Quality Management System for Manufacturing  (AS9100). He proudly served in the U.S. Navy for 12 years & and flew various types of Naval Aircraft as a Flight Engineer. He worked for Boeing for 28 years in Functional Test, Systems Installation and Quality Assurance. He is also a Private Pilot and has had a passion for Aerospace Quality Compliance his entire life.

Production Manager
Riichi Komatsu
In 2015, Riichi came from Japan to establish a manufacturing department at Seattle Aero. Utilizing over 20 plus years of manufacturing knowledge, he was instrumental in developing the manufacturing program at Seattle Aero. Riichi has instructed and managed the staff to continue to improve the company’s assembly program as well as quality.